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'You will know them by their fruits.' / Matthew 7:16a, NASB / PsiCop original graphicAh, the “religion of love” in action, once again. I continue to be amazed at the kinds of privileges Christians — in this case, one who claims to be a “pastor” — arrogate for themselves. Rather unbelievably, this loving Christian decided she didn’t need to pay a tip to her waitress when she dined out, according to the Consumerist (WebCite cached article). Part of a group large enough to trigger an automatic 18% gratuity, which asked for separate checks, he zeroed out the tip line on his own check and wrote something fairly insulting in its place:

The photo, which began tearing up the Atheism page on Reddit [cached] not long after it was posted a few hours ago, shows a receipt for $34.93 with an automatic gratuity of 18% ($6.29) included.

But the diner has scratched out that tip, writing instead that “I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18? and adding the word “pastor” above his signature. And instead of leaving a tip that was merely less than the 18%, just wrote a big “0.”

Here’s a photo of the receipt in question:

'I give God 10% why do you get 18,' signed by a pastor, via Reddit r/atheism

‘I give God 10% why do you get 18,’ signed by a pastor, via Reddit r/atheism

I admit to being at a loss to understand this “pastor’s” objection to paying an 18% tip. Is he saying that, if 10% is good enough for his God, it should be good enough for wait staff, too? If so, he need not have zeroed out the tip; he could have tipped 10% and written in $3.49 instead. Does he object on the grounds that he thinks the 10% he pays God shouldn’t have to go to the waiter? If so, he should have tipped the difference, 8%, and written in $2.79.

But the bastard for Jesus did neither of those. He tipped a big, whopping, generous, charitable “0.” What’s worse, he wrote out his objection, and topped that off by saying he’s a “pastor.” As though that somehow excuses his stingyness.

P.S. I’m aware there are lots of people who object philosophically to having to tip. But Mr Pastor is not one of them. At least, he didn’t indicate so on the receipt. His stated objection was clearly and solely religious. As for folks who refuse to tip … I hate to break it to them, but tipping at dine-in establishments is the custom in the U.S. Every American knows it. If you don’t like having to tip, the solution is simple and obvious: Just don’t eat in such establishments. I would urge Mr Pastor to follow that policy from now on.

Update: It was not the stiffed waiter, but another server in the same restaurant, who posted this receipt to Reddit, and the Consumerist reports she’s been fired (cached). And the Smoking Gun reports the name of this non-tipping pastor (cached); she’s Alois Bell. Ms Bell has apologized for her rudeness, and claimed she left a $6 cash tip, but this doesn’t jibe with what she wrote on the receipt. And the Applebee’s in question ended up charging her the 18% “autograt” anyway. My thanks to the commenter who tipped me off to this (pun intended!)

Photo credit: PsiCop original graphic, based on Mt 7:16a.

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2 Responses to “Should Pastors Be Immune To Tipping When Dining Out?”
  1. txarmysgt says:

    Okay so now they FIRED THE SERVER! Alois Bell – you made your bed!