But on May 10, 1933, one of his [i.e. Erich Kästner's] most important works, the adult novel 'Fabian,' was burned in Berlin, which the Nazi Party newspaper Völkischer Beobachter had called a 'dirty tale,' filled with 'descriptions of subhuman orgies.' / Der SpiegelReaders haven’t tacked many comments onto them, but my many posts on various examples of book-burning have accumulated a little private correspondence, since I launched this blog several years ago.

Mostly, I’m asked what my problem is with book-burning. Since I’m an agnostic with no metaphysical beliefs, why should I care why other people burn books? If the books are meaningless, why would I object to this, or find it foolish or harmful? I’ve decided it’s time I addressed that issue, and did so with a new static page. Have a look at it, if you care to.

Photo credit: Der Spiegel.

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