NOVAMOXIN antibioticThere are lots of folks who think “conventional medicine” is evil, comprised of personnel who work to keep people sick rather than help them, and that pharmaceuticals are “poisons” which must be avoided at all cost. It’s easy to dismiss them as wingnuts and crackpots whose belief in herbal remedies, reiki, homeopathy, therapeutic touch, and other assorted forms of pseudomedicine isn’t all that bad … because, after all, most of these “treatments” don’t hurt them (except in their wallets).

The truth, however, is that a reliance on pseudomedicine can, in fact, lead to severe harm, up to and including needless death. A sterling example of this recently happened in Alberta. The Calgary Sun reports a mother in that city has been arrested for allowing her own son to die (WebCite cached article):

Police say a woman gave her bedridden seven-year-old son holistic treatment before he succumbed to what would have been a treatable illness.

Friday, 44-year-old Tamara Lovett was arrested, later charged with criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessities of life in connection with the death of Ryan Lovett.…

Police allege the Grade 2 student was at home, bedridden for 10 days prior to that with what was later identified as a strep infection.

Strep infections are often treatable with medication such as penicillin.

Although it was not only the single mother who saw him deteriorating, no one contacted authorities.

So, although only the mother was arrested, we had other adults, too, who stood by and watched a child die, all in the name of avoiding normal medical treatment … which would certainly have worked. I’m sure they’re just so proud of themselves for having taken this determined stand against the evils of “conventional medicine”!

The sad but unavoidable truth is that pseudomedicine definitely can be harmful. That doesn’t mean “conventional medicine” isn’t without its faults … but it’s much better than the alternative, which has potentially-deadly consequences.

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5 Responses to “Child Dies Due To Reliance On Homeopathy”
  1. maria perls says:

    Only fools do not respect facts. Why would you not embrace science even if you are sold to alternative medicine? Doctors play a major to the well being of our bodies. But then if you think deeper, what about those lazy parents who feed their kids MacDonalds everyday making their kids susceptible to all manner of disease? Shouldn't we also advocate for those kids to eat healthy? Just my two cents

  2. Brian says:

    Tamara actually murdered Ryan……straight up….she was done being a mother, not that she was ever one to either of her kids. So this was an opportunity to not only pay me back, but would free her from the responsibility. She hates responsibility. She was charged with the wrong crime. It should be at the very least manslaughter and more appropriately, first degree murder.

    • PsiCop says:

      If you’re right, then as you said, authorities should have charged her with manslaughter or murder. As for the other people involved, it boggles the mind that they’d have willingly cooperated with a mother killing her child, so they too ought to have been charged with something far more serious, too.

      Disturbing, to say the least.

      • Brian says:

        When Ryan was 3, Tamara decided I wasn’t worthy to see him anymore and hid him from me. Her friends hid him from me. Her family, well thats a whole other story. I had just gone through a major financial crisis and I was nowhere near in a position to go after her legally and win. So I begged some of her friends to help me, they refused. I even went to her ex husband and begged him to take Ryan until I could do it myself. I went to him because I helped get HIS son Josh away from her, so I thought he might help his sons brother. Nope. Refused. I told all of them this would happen and 4 years later it did, as predicted. If it were not for the kindness of strangers, Ryan would have died much sooner. Many people have filled me in on what was going on and it was horrible how she neglected him. People called children’s services, but they too failed to do anything.

        For example, Ryan was unable to eat due too severe tooth infections and cavities. Friends of Tamara suggested she take him to a surgical dentist. She refused. She said he would “assimilate” the pain. What? Ryan basically raised himself. He was SO smart he almost pulled it off. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to do everything by himself. Like feed him……he still relied on his mother. I could go on and on and on about this but I think you are starting to get the picture.

        Her trial starts in a couple of days. I don’t hold much hope that she will be held accountable. And I have decided to let the universe deal with her as it sees fit.

        • Brian says:

          And too top it all off, NOBODY told me he was sick OR that he had died. Due to financial reason I had moved back to Ontario to start a painting business and never saw him again. It was only by fluke I found out on Facebook, 1 week after he died. No funeral was held. I had no idea where she was the entire time even though I sent her many emails to multiple email addresses and contacted all of her friends over the years. I would write Ryan letters all the time, especially on his birthday, christmas etc. I never got a response and I doubt she read them to him. Needless to say this has been the hardest 4 years of my life.