Lake of Fire by BenRR / via DeviantArtHere’s something that’s not surprising, way down south in the Bible Belt Bobble Bayelt state of Mississippi. As the Biloxi Sun Herald explains, a judge there assigns Bible essays to youthful offenders (WebCite cached article):

Judge Albert Fountain offers youths found with alcohol an offer most don’t refuse.

In part, they must write him a 1,000-word essay in order to to keep the conviction off their records and avoid hefty costs.

They can write the entire essay about the effects of alcohol, but Fountain recommends they give him 500 words each on that and on the Book of Revelation, one of the most feared books in the Bible.

This is such an obvious violation of separation of church and state, that I can’t see why a sitting judge could even be allowed to get away with it. Then again, this is Christocratic Mississippi … where little things like the First Amendment just aren’t all that important.

The good judge claims there’s no force involved:

“I don’t force them to do it. It’s their choice.”

However, as explained in the article, there actually is force involved:

Those who accept the plea offer must hand over their driver’s license for 10 days and maintain good behavior, and are placed on 90 days of non-reporting probation. The case is then non-adjudicated and it stays off their record.

Those who don’t accept the offer are fined $500, ordered to pay a state assessment of $155.75 and lose their license for 90 days. And the conviction stands as a misdemeanor record.

So these kids have a choice: Write the essay, and skate on the charges; or not write the essay, and be punished (in not just one, but three different ways). To say there’s no coercion here is a clear lie on the judge’s part. That places him in my “lying liars for Jesus” club.

Why Revelation, one might ask? Because, as the judge himself admits, it’s the most terrifying book of the Bible:

“When they read Revelation, they can’t help but think about what we’re heading for in the future if we don’t do the right thing,” Fountain said.

“I’ve had them come back with tears in their eyes,” he said.

“They tell me it’s a scary book to read. I can’t force them to do it, but all I can do is plant a seed.”

Yep, that’s good old-fashioned Christian psychological terror: “Say, do, and believe what we order you to … or you’ll BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!” Of course, neither Judge Fountain, nor the rest of his fellow Christofascists, see this as a problem. They’re willing to say and do anything in order to make “believers” out of others. They truly think the end justifies the means. As long as they’re saving souls for their precious Jesus, nothing else is important … even brazenly violating the Constitution, then lying about it, are acceptable for this sort of militant Christianist.

Photo credit: BenRR, via DeviantArt.

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8 Responses to “MS Judge Forces Youth To Write Bible Essays”
  1. V Fountain says:

    Go straight to jail then! He's giving them a chance they more than likely DO NOT DESERVE!!! Lock them up, Daddy. LOCK THEM UP! You people who portray this as being wrong or infringing on the 1st amendment can ALL fry in HELL…where you DESERVE!! It's the troubled individuals CHOICE, isn't MANDATORY. Here's some advice..STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.!

    • PsiCop says:

      For the record, I note that "V Fountain," "Adam S," "Nikki," "steve," and "Vanessa" all posted their comments from the same IP address. Sock puppetry like that is disingenuous. Did your own Jesus teach you to be disingenuous? In spite of your specious methods, I approved all 5 of your comments (which the commenting software held for review due to their suspicious nature).

      You and Judge Christofascist, er, Fountain can insist until you're blue in the face that compliance with this demand is a "choice," but to say that is a lie. A big fat bold-faced stinking fucking lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. Did your own Jesus teach you to lie like that? Using the legal system to make someone do something does not present them with a "choice." It is, instead, coercion, plain and simple. Saying it's not, doesn't make it anything else.

      In any event, I can see by your disingenuity, bold-faced lie, and use of CAPS, that I've hit a nerve. If so … great! Fan-fucking-tastic! I'm ecstatic that you're enraged. You fucking Christofascists desperately need to be offended. And I'm happy to do it.

      As for you wanting me to "fry in HELL," I'm likewise happy to hear you say that. There's not much you could say that could make me prouder.

      Oh, and … just so you know … I'm not a "you people." I'm just a "person."

      Lastly, I know how to stay out of trouble. I haven't so much as gotten a speeding infraction since the late '80s. As for you … your sock-puppetry is the sort of tactic that can get you in trouble, in other venues where it violates terms of service. So I'd be real careful about your disingenuity from now on.

  2. Adam S says:

    You people are seriously SICK. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY…lmao. I see nothing at all wrong with this. At least he's giving them a choice, in which 99.9% would not. I'd stand behind this if it were my child/loved one. Good job Judge Fountain. Fair, Honest, and Unafraid. Keep it up Judge.

  3. Nikki says:

    Great concept for those in trouble. More judges should adopt this idea. Mississippi may not be so dumb after all.

  4. steve says:

    I wish my judge would have done this for me.

  5. Vanessa says:

    PsiCop needs to get a life. Show your identity, hello KITTY.!

  6. Andy says: