The Caneel Bay resort on St. John was heavily damaged. Credit: Hilary Swift for The New York TimesNote: There’s a little more news, since I posted this, about how the president feels about Puerto Rico; see below.

I apologize for another off-topic post, but something really fucking needs to be done. The Groper-in-Chief administration’s latest petulant and childish whine about how the media cover their response to Hurricane Maria’s demolition of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands is just too fucking much (Archive.Is cached article).

First of all, let’s be clear about this. Contrary to what nearly half of Americans think, Puerto Rico is part of the United States (cached). It, and some of the Virgin Islands (St Croix, St John, St Thomas, and some smaller islands and islets) are US territories, and their residents are US citizens … every bit as much as those who live in the 50 states. That the land they live on isn’t in a “state” does not make them any less American. That’s just how it is.

Second, El Morro Castle, Puerto RicoPuerto Rico was particularly hard-hit by Hurricane Maria (cached), and so too were the Virgin Islands to the east, with St John having been whacked by Hurricane Irma previously (cached). They’ve been devastated.

Their local governments, obviously, have been wrecked along with homes and businesses, leaving them unable to render much aid to their own citizens. The federal government has responded, but in lackluster fashion. They’ve blamed damage to ports and airports for their inability to assist, and those certainly haven’t helped, but it’s taken a long time just to begin moving ships into place to render assistance from offshore (via helicopters and small craft). The USNS Comfort can help take the load off island hospitals, but it was only given orders to leave on Tuesday and it will take several more days to reach the islands and begin its relief operation. The GiC himself has been much more concerned with NFL players and being angry that his chosen candidate in the Alabama Senate primary lost, than he has about the hurricane response.

Full disclosure: USVI St. Thomas Charlotte Amalie Fort ChristianI’ve been to Puerto Rico several times, and the Virgin Islands a couple as well. I’ve enjoyed them all. They’re incredible places to go. They deserve much better — and much more — assistance than they’ve gotten so far. I urge you to help out in any way you can, and as much as you can. As I did with Hurricane Harvey 3 weeks ago, I’m providing a list of charities, followed by articles making further suggestions:

Many other viable options can be found at the following:

The Apricot Wonder and his minions might not think much of Americans in the Caribbean, but they do need our help. Let’s all provide it.

Update: This morning (9/30/2017) the Groper-in-Chief unleashed yet another of his infantile Twitter rants about how terrible the Puerto Ricans are, especially San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz (cached). She’s criticizing him, you see, not because his minions have failed her island, but because Democrats forced her to. And Puerto Ricans are nothing more than lazy good-for-nothings, lounging around waiting for a federal handout instead of fixing their own island. He apparently is not aware that Puerto Rico was wrecked by Hurricane Maria and its infrastructure demolished. There are very good reasons they need outside intervention. Now, for the love of all that’s holy, can we please impose a media moratorium on the Apricot Wonder’s tweet-tantrums?

Photo credit: Top, Hilary Swift/New York Times; middle, Wikimedia Commons; bottom, also Wikimedia Commons.

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