Graphic of Utrecht shooting / BBC NewsAs if in answer to the dual-mosque massacre in Christchurch, NZ late last week, the world’s Islamist terrorists decided to respond in kind. BBC News reports on a tram shooting in the Netherlands city of Utrecht (Archive.Is cached article):

A man has been arrested following a shooting in the central Dutch city of Utrecht which left three people dead, police say.

Five others were injured in the incident, which the authorities say appears to be a terrorist attack.…

“We have just been informed that the suspect has been arrested,” police chief Rob van Bree told reporters.

I have to congratulate the world’s Islamofascists. You guys certainly do a really good job of making the Neocrusaders’ case for them. They couldn’t possibly have asked for better press, in the wake of a Neocrusader shooting up two mosques, than to have this kind of attack take place. Now, they can all sit back and say, “See!? We told you those Muslim-types are dangerous!! Now will you go along with our plan to outlaw them!?”

As I said previously, the way to deal with any kind of religiofascist terror is not to commit more religiofascist terror. But apparently no one got that memo. Sigh.

P.S. I’m sure all the Right-wingers out there who are Neocrusaders or lean in that direction will go on and on about how the media aren’t reporting on this attack, but are reporting on the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre. I hate to break it to them, but they’re wrong. The Utrecht tram shooting has had plenty of coverage today, in many outlets. The old “but the media won’t report on ___” trope doesn’t apply, here. And it’s gotten old and stale … along with all kinds of other accusations of “media bias.”

Photo credit: BBC News

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