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The peasants are - well, you know!I have another peasants-with-pitchforks moment to report. At the time Osama bin-Laden was killed, it seems a hotel in Springfield, Ohio had its flag at half-staff. MSNBC reports that — naturally! — people in the area were outraged to see the hotel mourning the terrorist’s death (WebCite cached article):

An Ohio hotel has been fending off angry phone calls because a broken rope on its flagpole led some to think the business was mourning the death of Osama bin Laden. …

The hotel and its company received dozens of calls from people who were either upset or angry. One threatened to run the hoteliers out of town.

The problem is, the hotel wasn’t mourning bin-Laden! There was a problem with the flagpole, and in fact, it had been stuck at half-mast prior to bin-Laden’s death:

The rope left the U.S. flag stuck at half-staff outside a Hampton Inn in Springfield in western Ohio two days before bin Laden was killed, its assistant general manager Connie Smith told …

Smith, speaking by phone after the Springfield News-Sun first reported the story, said the flag had become frayed and the maintenance man was trying to replace it.

The hotel did get the flag fixed and back up to full height. But as one would expect in such cases, this fact didn’t stop the stream of sanctimonious outrage:

It was fixed by 9 a.m. Wednesday, Smith said, but the calls continued until 9:30 p.m.

For the record, flags in my home state of Connecticut have been at half-staff by order of Governor Dannel Malloy since April 29, in memory of Major Raymond Estelle, killed in Afghanistan on the 27th (cached). As of today they are still at half-staff, pending the major’s memorial service or funeral. I wonder how many places with flags in the Nutmeg State have gotten enraged calls, because of this?

This just goes to show the old principle — made famous in the ’70s by Felix Unger (Tony Randall) on The Odd Couple — that one must never “assume,” because it makes an “ass” of “you” and “me”:

Photo credit: TV Tropes.

Sound file courtesy of OddCouple.Info.

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