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And Jesus WeptChristians love to claim that their religion makes them “moral” people, and that morality doesn’t exist outside of their religion. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Christianity has absolutely no power to force its adherents to behave. And Christians continually write themselves “permission slips” to misbehave whenever they wish.

The latest example of this was reported by WBBJ-TV in Jackson, TN, in an incident which is almost unbelievable (WebCite cached article):

A gay Gibson County couple said they were assaulted when they tried to attend church services at the Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland last Wednesday.

“I went over to take the keys out of the ignition and all the sudden I hear someone say ‘sick’em,'” said Gibson County resident, Jerry Pittman Jr.

While Christians attacking gay people is certainly not incredible — it happens a lot, sadly — what makes this story unusual is this:

Pittman said the attacked was prompted by the pastor of the church, Jerry Pittman, his father.

The attacking deacons included Pittman’s uncle, of all people. There were also a number of (presumably Christian) bystanders, who stood still and did nothing to help:

[The younger Pittman] said bystanders did not offer assistance. He said the deacon yelled derogatory homosexual slurs, even after officers arrived. He said the officers never intervened to stop the deacons from yelling the slurs.

Those accused have also gone to the unusual extreme of preemptively contacting the TV station and ordering them not to contact the elder Pittman:

Pastor Pittman’s attorney contacted ABC 7 Eyewitness News by phone and said she had no comment and demanded we not contact the pastor.

Wow. If that doesn’t scream “I’m guilty!”, I don’t know what does!

The station offered this video report:

It’s not mentioned in the story text, but in the video — at around the 1:40 mark — the sheriff implies that it might have been the gay couple that had been “making trouble,” not the deacons who attacked them. I’m impressed with what a class act Sheriff Chuck Arnold is. (Not!)

This is just another of numerous examples of demonstrable Christian hypocrisy — they claim to be upstanding, righteous people, but their actual behavior falls far short of that. Way to go, Christians! Well done. You must be so proud!

Hat tip: Apathetic Agnostic Church.

Photo credit: Termin8er.

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