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Hartford, CT: First Church of the Nazarene / Hartford Courant photoNote: New reporting just came in on this story; please see updates below.

There’s been a rash of shootings in my home state’s capital over the last week or so. One of the more disturbing of those happened Sunday morning, the victim being a church pastor. As the Hartford Courant reports, police now think it might have been a hate crime (WebCite cached article):

City police said Tuesday they are investigating the possibility that the shooting of a pastor outside his church on Sunday was a hate crime.

“The church is very accepting of and open to the LGBT community,” Deputy Chief Brian Foley said. He said the attack on the minister is “obviously troubling to the police department and the city.”

The Rev. Augustus Sealy was shot in the leg and shoulder while planting small U.S. flags on the lawn of The First Church of the Nazarene at 932 Capitol Ave. at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, police said. His wife, Dr. Sharon Sealy, said his femur was shattered, and doctors had to put a metal rod in his leg. The shots came from a moving vehicle.

Since this was first reported there was murmuring here in the Nutmeg State that the Rev Sealey had been shot because he’s a Christian or because he’d been putting up Memorial Day flags, by anti-Christians (more specifically, of the Muslim sort) or by flag- or military-haters respectively. Conspiracy theories based on these assumptions have been brewing, mostly centered on Leftist antagonists (e.g. Muslims acting on Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s orders).

But the possibility this may have been an LGBT-related hate crime, if true — and right now I emphasize that “if” — that would seem to point, instead, toward some agent of the political Right. Yet it might turn out to be something else entirely, since that seems, to me anyway, a little far-fetched. As the Courant article explains, and I mentioned initially, there’s been a spike in violence in Hartford, so really, not much can be ruled out, not even a case of mistaken identity.

Update 1: Today Hartford police released more information on this case. It seems this shooting was related to another that took place shortly after, and it may have been an effort to divert police from the “real” target (cached). So the “hate crime” scenario appears less likely than before, although police haven’t yet fully ruled it out.

Update 2: Hartford police no longer view this as a “hate crime” (cached):

[Police] also said that there is no evidence the shooting of the pastor was in anyway a hate crime. Instead, it appears to be a random crime in which the pastor was not specifically targeted.

I guess that’s it, then.

Photo credit: Hartford Courant.

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