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Romanian witch Mihaela Minca, right, speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, as her daughter and apprentice Casanndra, left, looks on, in Mogosoaia, Romania, Jan. 5, 2011. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)Governments throughout Europe — and elsewhere — are grappling with the massive fiscal crisis that’s caused economic devastation around the world. A lot them are imposing “austerity measures,” which is another way of saying they’re slashing budgets and cranking up taxes in unprecedented ways. Naturally, those have been met with protests and resistance, of varying sorts and by varying groups. But witches in Romania, who are now being taxed for the first time, are staging a metaphysical protest unlike any others, as the AP via CBS News reports (WebCite cached article):

Solace for world leaders trying to enforce painful austerity measures: At least you’re not running Romania.

Angry witches are using cat excrement and dead dogs to cast spells on the president and government who are forcing them to pay taxes. Also in the eye of the taxman are fortune tellers, who should have seen it coming. …

Witches from Romania’s eastern and western regions will descend to the southern plains and the Danube River Thursday to threaten the government with spells and spirits. Mauve has a high vibration, it makes the wearer superior and wards off evil attacks, according to the esoteric group Violet Flame — which practices on Thursdays.

A dozen witches will head to the Danube to put a hex on the government and hurl mandrake into the river “so evil will befall them,” said a witch named Alisia. She identified herself with one name, as is customary among witches.

It’s all very laughable, of course, and there’s no chance that throwing mandrake in a river or intoning spells is going to harm anyone. But really, the Romanian witches’ intention is to have harm befall their own government. It’s not unlike all the Religious Rightists here in the U.S. who are “praying for Obama” along the lines of Psalm 109, a portion of which says:

Let his days be few;
Let another take his office.
Let his children be fatherless
And his wife a widow. (Psalm 109:8-9)

So maybe it’s not all that funny, after all … ?

Photo credit: AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda via CBS News.

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