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You would think that, having had historical examples such as the Third Reich, and the literary example of Ray Bradbury’s famous Fahrenheit 451 well-ensconced in the occidental world, Americans would know by now that book-burnings are an intellectual and cultural atrocity that simply can never be tolerated — ever. But apparently this is not known to some ferociously doctrinaire Christians in West Bend, WI. They actually want a good old-fashioned book-burning. An Examiner.Com article tells this sorry and pathetic tale of hyperreligiosity gone out of control:

As reported by Laura Miller on (and brought to my attention by Hemant Mehta, aka the Friendly Atheist), a group called West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries approached the library back in February to get them to remove a list “of recommended titles about gay and lesbian issues for young people” from their Web site. …

The reason the group wanted the library to comply with their request was “‘to protect children from accessing them without their parents’ knowledge and supervision.'” Among the listed titles was [Francesca Lia] Block’s Baby Be-Bop. They [sic] library did not immediately comply.

Another group, called West Bend Parents for Free Speech formed as the opposition to West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries. … Two petitions were presented — one from each group. There were 700 signatures from the Christian side of the issue and 1,000 signatures for the Free Speech side. …

In the end, the library board voted unanimously to leave the books as they were. This vote has not put an end to the debate. In fact, it seems the decision just added fuel to the fire.

A new group, Christian Civil Liberties Union, has taken it upon themselves to file suit against the library. According to the report, the group hopes to have Baby Be-Bop deemed “hate speech.” They claim that the book is “‘explicitly vulgar, racial (sic) and anti-Christian.'” They will not be happy to just have the book removed from the library all together – they want it “publicly burned.”

Yes folks, that’s right. In the enlightened 21st century US of A, in the great state of Wisconsin, we actually have a lawsuit filed demanding a book-burning. And people have actually complained that I’ve used the term “religionazis.” Well, here you are … living, breathing fundies doing exactly what Nazis did. How is this not “religionazism” at work?


When will these people decide to just grow the hell up, finally, and leave the rest of the world alone?

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