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Gustave Dore, the Battle of ArsufAs was long expected, Oklahoma’s voters today passed a law outlawing the use of Islamic shari’a law in courts — a ballot measure I already blogged about. CNN’s Political Ticker blog reports on this election result in the Sooner State (WebCite cached article):

Looks like Oklahomans will not, repeat not, be subject to Sharia law anytime in the near future. Local media in the state, tonight, is reporting that ballot initiative SQ755, which bars state courts from using Islamic or international law, is on the path to approval– Yes votes outweighing Nos by more than two-to-one, with about 40-percent of the precincts in.

As the article points out, there is no need for such a measure, the First Amendment already forbids enacting a system of religious law in the US. So Oklahoma’s voters have successfully attacked and killed a mere straw man.

What an achievement. They must be SO proud!

Of course, this is all part of the Religious Right’s ongoing war against Islam, which I’ve been blogging about for the last couple months, and have named the Neocrusade (reflecting western Christendom’s medieval war against Islam, the Crusades). But just as those medieval Crusaders from western Europe — mainly, from France, Germany and the Low Countries — went far abroad looking for their enemy to smite, the current crop of American Neocrusaders are, likewise, stretching reality in order to fight Islam. No one has identified any court in Oklahoma — or the US — which has ever operated according to Islam-inspired shari’a law, or for that matter, which has ever come close to it. That, however, has not stopped the delusional Religious Right from sending the forces of the Neocrusade to march against this hallucination.

That Sooners would approve the completely-unnecessary SQ 755 — and by a very large margin — makes it a Neocrusading state, perhaps the first self-declared Neocrusading state in the country. Way to go guys. Way to go.

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