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Charlie Brown Christmas TreeThe American Family Association — fresh off its recently-earned designation by the SPLC as a “hate group” — continues fighting their phantasmal “war on Christmas.” Like the rest of the Religious Right, the AFA continues to adhere to the delusion that Christmas is somehow being outlawed in the US, as some sort of sinister precursor to Christianity being abolished.

That such an effort is not happening, is not something they care to hear … so they keep on deluding themselves.

Having forced a national sporting-goods chain to capitulate to their demands, a national bank is in AFA’s sights. Their problem with this bank? Christmas trees. According to Consumerist, the AFA demands that this bank place a Christmas tree in the lobby of each of its branches nationwide (WebCite cached article):

According to an AFA press release, internal [bank name redacted] documents state that “We don’t want to lose somebody’s business because of seasonal decorations,” and that they want to “ensure that everyone who visits our branches is made to feel completely welcome and comfortable.”

As per my policy, I edited out the name of the financial institution in question, so as not to aid the AFA’s sanctimonious campaign.

I expect this national bank is already in the process of shipping Christmas trees to its branches, even as I type this. Corporations are pretty much now the slaves of the Religious Right, so I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be dutifully obedient.

I’m not quite sure why this is such an issue, though. There is nothing scriptural about the Christmas tree. They are not mentioned in the Bible … not even hinted at. So it’s odd that a group like the AFA — which prides itself on reading the Bible literally and interpreting scripture strictly — would get so worked up about something that’s not even Biblical in the first place. (OK, so Martin Luther might have started the current fashion of Christmas-tree decorating with the intention that it symbolized the Tree of Life, which is mentioned in Genesis … but let’s be honest, that’s really stretching things.) My guess is that the AFA knows Christmas trees aren’t scriptural or critical to Christian worship; they’re just using them as leverage to force a giant corporation to obey their whims. In other words, it’s really about a “power trip” and not about religion at all.

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