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Cardinal Law arriving to celebrate Mass at the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome in 2010 / Andrew Medichini, Associated Press, via New York TimesBy now most of my readers will have heard that Cardinal Bernard Law, former Archbishop of Boston, died in Vatican City (Archive.Is cached article). He was famous as one of the targets of the Boston Globe “Spotlight” team, which revealed “priestly pedophilia” in the US in a series of articles back in 2002.

Initial focus was on the case of Fr John Geoghan, whom the archdiocese purposely allowed to abuse children for decades during his career as a priest (cached). The now-late Cardinal Law, the Globe subsequently revealed, helped a large number of priests abuse children, not just Geoghan, then often used quiet settlements to keep their abuse a secret (cached).

Cardinal Law flew to the Vatican and resigned as archbishop, near the end of 2002, under the weight of the unfolding scandal. Pope John Paul II then granted him a cushy, make-work job (i.e. archpriest of St Mary Major basilica) which kept him in Vatican City and thus shielded him from potential prosecution in the US.

Good bye and good riddance to one of the more vile human beings who’s ever lived. I’m disappointed the current Pope, Francis, is going to preside over his funeral. What Francis ought to have done, back when he took office, was to dismiss Law from his job in the Vatican and ship him back to the ‘States, hopefully to be brought up on charges for what he did. It’s a pity that can never happen, now.

Photo credit: Andrew Medichini/Associated Press, via New York Times.

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Photographie de Carla Bruni nu pour le magazine Down TownThe robed denizens of the Vatican have, once again, provided a stark example of their undeniable moral bankruptcy. Still in the throes of evading responsibility for the scandal of decades of child-abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, which was systematically covered up by the Church’s hierarchy, the Vatican has chosen to make its stand … against an ex-model.

That’s right. An ex-model.

The person in question is Carla Bruni, wife of France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy. Time magazine’s NewsFeed blog reports on the Vatican’s objection to her presence (WebCite cached article):

Ahead of President Sarkozy’s 30-minute audience with the Pontiff earlier this month, Vatican officials sent the French ambassador a message saying: “Carla Sarkozy is not welcome in the Vatican [cached].” The message, which led her to stay in Paris, is said to be over the Pope’s fears that more racy photographs of her days as a catwalk model would emerge. Nude and semi-naked pictures from her days as a model are regularly published in the media. In one, she’s seen posing in just a pair of knee high boots and a diamond ring. (The U.S. didn’t seem to mind [cached].)

Benedict XVI clearly suffers from a raging case of Cranial-Rectal Inversion: While the Pope objects to an ex-model (GASP!) daring to walk around in his sacred city-state, His Holiness has no problem letting in priests who abuse children. Among the Vatican City’s more (in)famous residents is Cardinal Bernard Law, who — as Archbishop of Boston — not only permitted the abuse of children in his archdiocese, he moved priests around so as to prevent them from being discovered, and (for a while at least) attempted to shield priests in his archdiocese from being prosecuted.

If you need any other example of the Roman Catholic Church’s blatant lack of anything resembling values, well … here you have it.

Need I point out, also, that it’s not necessarily even the case that hanging around with ex-models is not permitted to priests? After all, Christian legend has it that one of Jesus’ own followers, Mary Magdalene, was a prostitute! If Jesus could have prostitutes around him, then surely an ex-model is not off limits!

Photo credit: Down Town via Hervé Corcia.

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