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The atheist signs that have been going up around the country, over the last year or so, apparently are still bothering a lot of believers. Yes, that’s right … the very same people who think fondly of “Jesus Saves!” or “Repent!” signs, are outraged and incensed that those horrific atheists have dared put up signs of their own! How dare they!

The latest dust-up over atheist signs happened in Ft Lauderdale, FL, as reported by television station WSVN:

Residents want sign promoting atheism removed

Community residents are protesting a billboard they call offensive to Christians.

The recruitment billboard put up by the Florida Atheist and Secular Humanist Society stands just east of Interstate 95 on Sunrise Boulevard and 27th Avenue, next to a business owned by an African-American preacher. …

The sign states: “Being a good person doesn’t require God. Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone.”

Ken Loukinen, President of FLASH, said he had no intention of offending anyone when he paid to put the sign up. …

But, business owners said, the sign has affected their income. Aavion McDonald works at the hair and beauty salon located right below the billboard. “There are people that come in here complaining about the sign,” he said, “and that’s not good for the business, and it’s not good for the neighborhood.”

As one can imagine, the believers’ sanctimonious antics have begun:

After seeing the billboard, Team of Life community activist Essie “Big Mama” Reed brought her students out to protest it Wednesday afternoon. “Nothing else matters, but that sign needs to come down. In the name of Jesus,” Big Mama chanted, as she led her students in protest.

Woops. Looks like Jesus hasn’t taken that horrible sign down, Big Mama. This avid believer didn’t merely chant about it … she went on to lie about the sign:

“I don’t know the reason for putting this sign up,” said Big Mama. “It says ‘Do not believe in God.'”

Uh, wrong. It does not instruct anyone not to believe in God, Big Mama. That you dislike the sign does not grant you license to lie about it.

Yet another shining example of lying liars for jesus. How he must love all these people who lie in his name.

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