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A service at True Light Pentecostal Church, Spartanburg, SCIt’s possible to want to do the right thing, but to cite an invalid or poor reason for doing so. An example of just this phenomenon can be seen in a South Carolina pastor who’s calling for the resignation of “bishop” Eddie Long of Atlanta, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution via CBS News (WebCite cached article):

Many of Bishop Eddie Long’s followers have remained loyal to the Atlanta megachurch pastor despite the allegations that he lured four young men into sexual relationships, but the pastor of a small South Carolina church is calling for Long to step down.

Bishop Prophet H. Walker of True Light Pentecost Church in Spartanburg, S.C. plans to rally at Georgia’s state capital to call for Long’s resignation, claiming that the accused pastor is a “bad influence on the Christian church and future generations,” reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

One would think that Walker’s call for Long to resign is because he’s been accused of having seduced teens in his care. But that isn’t entirely his objection to Long continuing behind his pulpit:

Walker, who claims his church is opposed to homosexuality, intends to “support the integrity and character of the Christian faith,” on Oct. 31, but refused to say exactly how many members of his church would follow suit, reports the paper.

Thus, Walker’s desire for Long to resign, is not because Long has been accused of any wrongdoing, it’s because this scandal has revealed him as gay or bisexual. That’s right, folks: In Walker’s mind, wrongdoing is not enough to oust a Christian pastor, but being gay or bisexual, is. One can only surmise that, had Long been accused of seducing female teens, Walker would have no objections. Nice, huh?

P.S. What is it with these wingnut Southern pastors using Halloween to stage their freakish protests?

Photo credit: True Light Pentecostal Church Web site.

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