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'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardPakistan’s censorship of the Internet over its potential to convey “sacrilege” has extended to Twitter as well as Blackberry service. The Indian Express reports on this (WebCite cached article):

Pakistanis are hopping mad following the ban on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and the blocking of Blackberry services in the wake of a controversy over a contest featuring blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

Some Pakistanis apparently aren’t happy about it:

Raza Rumi, the editor of a popular ezine, described the banning of Blackberry services as “absolute madness”. …

“The zealots want us to go back to the stone age. These decisions should be reversed at once. There are other ways of dealing with this issue and not by an absolute ban of connectivity in the 21st century. In any case, it is not easy to ‘ban’ stuff in this day and age.”

That’s true, but the fact is that this will inconvenience a great many Pakistanis, only to satisfy the juvenile lunatic Islamists in that country.

I’m not sure I can really be sympathetic with Rumi and others like him, though. The Pakistani government that he — and the rest of Pakistan — voted into office, is doing precisely what it was voted in to do. Perhaps he — and other Pakistanis — should not have voted those folks in? And maybe they should consider getting rid of those people at the next election?

I’m betting this will not happen, however; Pakistanis will probably continue with an Islamist regime. If that’s the case then even the little sympathy I might have for them, will have vanished entirely.

I hope these zealots keep up their insanely immature campaign of futile censorship, it provides me with a wonderful opportunity to keep posting incendiary images that defy Islam’s proscriptions.

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