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Supporters of Islamic political parties burn and kick an effigy of a blogger inside a madrassa, or religious school, during a nationwide strike in Dhaka on February 24, 2013. Islamists demanding the execution of bloggers they accuse of blasphemy clashed with police in Bangladesh for a third straight day Sunday, and at least four protesters were killed when police opened fire (AFP Photo)This is such an old story, I almost don’t want to blog about it any more. The Islamic world’s inherent and pervasive immaturity continually rears its head, every time something happens that Muslims think is an insult to their religion. All too often, that immaturity results in people being killed, simply because too many Muslims cannot, and will not, control their fury and rage over what they perceive as affronts to Islam and its founding prophet. The AFP via Yahoo News reports on the latest example of people being killed because of this juvenile murderous impulse (WebCite cached article):

Islamists demanding the execution of bloggers they accuse of blasphemy clashed with police in Bangladesh for a third straight day Sunday, and at least four protesters were killed when police opened fire.

Up to 3,000 protesters, including students from religious schools known as madrassas and supporters of the main opposition party, barricaded a highway at Singair in the central district of Manikganj, police said.

The protests, and the killings that resulted, have been brewing for some time:

The violence broke out as 12 small Islamic parties, backed by the largest Islamic group Jamaat-e-Islami and main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, called a nationwide strike in protest at Friday’s police action against Islamists.

Four people were killed, three in police shooting, and about 200 injured during Friday’s protests by tens of thousands of Islamists demanding the hanging of bloggers whom they say blasphemed Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

Tensions have risen over allegedly anti-Islamic blog posts by Ahmed Rajib Haider, who was hacked to death last week near his home in Dhaka.

In recent weeks Haider and fellow bloggers had launched massive protests demanding a ban on the Jamaat-e-Islami, and the execution of its leaders for alleged war crimes in the 1971 independence struggle against Pakistan.

The government of Bangladesh has been trying to pacify the santimoniously-enraged childish Islamists by cranking up the censorship:

The government has warned of tough steps against those who incite social tension, and urged newspapers and blogs not to publish defamatory writings against the Prophet Mohammed.

It has cracked down on anti-Islam blogs and also given police protection to some bloggers in the wake of Haider’s murder.

Keep it upJyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon, via Assyrian International News Agency, crybaby Muslims. By all means, please continue killing people because people blasphemed against your almighty deity, and insulted your blessed prophet. Continue raging, fuming, blustering, rioting, smashing, burning, and murdering because you haven’t got the maturity to handle the fact that not everyone else believes what you believe.

Also, I cordially invite you to keep stomping around demanding that your dour, uncompromising religionism — and the metaphysically-propagated immaturity that goes along with it — be “respected” by everyone else, regardless of whatever horrible things you may have done in its name. Yes, this means you should continue telling us … as the giant head did in The Wizard of Oz … never to pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Yes, that’s right. Jyllands-Posten Mohammad Cartoon / 'Stop, stop, we ran out of virgins!' / via AINAI want you to keep indulging your murderous immaturity. I want you to keep providing the rest of the world with ongoing examples of what is wrong with being enslaved by primitive metaphysical thinking. I want you to keep showing us your barbarism so we won’t forget what metaphysics can do to people.

Oh, and just to egg you sniveling little babies on a little more, I’ve included a couple of anti-Islam cartoons in this blog post. Please, use their presence here to justify yet more riots and killings in the name of preventing your religion and your prophet from being “dissed” by this cynical, cold-hearted, godless agnostic heathen.

Photo credit, top: AFP, via Yahoo News Singapore; middle & bottom photos, Jyllands-Posten, via Assyrian International News Agency.

P.S. I am, of course, being facetious when I say I want Muslims to keep throwing tantrums — even if what they’re doing proves the point I’ve been making for many years. I’d much rather they become mature and learn to live with the fact that not everyone believes what they do.

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Public Notice!In the last two weeks I have received emails from two correspondents, concerning apparent problems with this site. Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me, in either case, which post or page is the problem. Administrative site searches hasn’t helped me figure out what is the problem, in either case.

Now, an easy explanation for these mysterious emails is that they’re not genuine concerns about the site, but merely pretenses by which spammers are checking my email address; if I respond, they’ll know it’s valid, and then they’ll hammer me with spam. So I can’t very well just reply to my correspondents and ask what they’re talking about. This leaves me without the details I need in order to be of service to my correspondents.

The only thing I can do, Gentle Reader, is ask that, if you want me to address something on this site, to please send me the URL of the page or post in question, or at least some specific information I can use to locate what you’re talking about. Otherwise I can’t help you.

Thanks for your time.

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CNN Insipid Beyond Belief blog!CNN has a relatively new religion blog. Maybe you’ve heard of it … but more likely, you haven’t. If not, don’t worry — you aren’t missing much. The kind of pablum this blog conveys is hardly worth your notice, and I mean that regardless of what your own religious viewpoint (if any) is. It’s just not that great.

An example of how deficient this blog is, is in its coverage of the once-disgraced but now proud-to-have-had-a-scandalous-past-because-it-makes-me-great evangelical preacher, Ted Haggard (a used-car-salesman-type creepy character I most recently blogged about here). In the space of just four days, this month, the CNN Belief blog has posted two stories on Ted Haggard: Haggard back in the pulpit (cached) and Status report: Ted Haggard’s new church (cached). This is after having posted some blathering tripe about him a month ago (Ted Haggard, Resurrected; cached) courtesy of Stephen Prothero, a religion professor.

What’s really amazing, if you pay close attention to these “reports” about the “resurrected Ted’s” incredible success, is that it’s all self-reported. That’s right. We only have Pastor Ted’s word on how great he’s doing and how great he is. There is no “investigation” here, none of the cutting-edge, incisive, insightful and analytical journalism one (presumably) expects of CNN.

Clearly CNN’s new “Belief Blog” is little more than a P.R. engine for Pastor Ted “I’m-not-gay-even-if-I-hired-gay-prostitutes-to-service-me” Haggard. Then again, CNN hooked up with Stephen Prothero, who’s on the record as demanding mandatory Bible classes in public schools.

Yeah. These are the kinds of people CNN is now carrying water for. An unrepentant cretin, and a militant Christian.

I guess we can chalk this one up as yet another journalism fail. Sigh.

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Calandar PageToday is the two-year anniversary of Miscellanea Agnostica! This is the 489th post. Not too shabby, if I may say so myself.

And I just did. So I may.

Anyway, I plan to keep up about the same pace, for the foreseeable future, so enjoy!

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The AP, via the Washington Post On Faith blog, reports that Pope Benedict XVI — who’s not known as a fan of the Internet or most technology — wants Catholic priests to make themselves heard on the Internet (WebCite cached article):

Pope Benedict XVI has a new commandment for priests struggling to get their message across: Go forth and blog.

The pope, whose own presence on the Web has heavily grown in recent years, urged priests on Saturday to use all multimedia tools at their disposal to preach the Gospel and engage in dialogue with people of other religions and cultures.

And just using e-mail or surfing the Web is often not enough: Priests should use cutting-edge technologies to express themselves and lead their communities, Benedict said in a message released by the Vatican.

“The spread of multimedia communications and its rich ‘menu of options’ might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the Web,” but priests are “challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources,” he said.

It’s not coincidental that he came out with this directive just now:

The message, prepared for the World Day of Communications, suggests such possibilities as images, videos, animated features, blogs, and Web sites.

One might assume that, as an Agnostic who’s criticized the Roman Catholic Church heavily over the nearly-2 years this blog has been running, I would be opposed to this.

But I’m not. I’m always in favor of freedom. That means letting Catholic priests having a voice.

The only thing I ask is that priests be held accountable for their words, if they post something inappropriate or inaccurate to their blogs, vlogs, podcasts, whatever. But then, I expect that of anyone. Propriety, candidness, accuracy and veracity are ethically required of everyone who says something publicly … and posting something on the Internet is as public as someone can get.

Hat tip: Slashdot.

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The problem of “link rot” has infected the World Wide Web almost from its inception. This phenomenon is especially troubling for me, since nearly all of my blog articles cite other Web material (mostly media articles). In an effort to deal with this, I’ve decided to use a service called WebCite. It caches Web pages, so they remain available, even if they’re later deleted or lost, the server they were on becomes unavailable, and so on. I plan to include links both to the live article in question, and add in the WebCite link (clearly marked as a cached page).

If you click on a link in one of my blog entries, and don’t get what I’ve described, try the cached version.

Hopefully you’ll agree this will improve this blog and ensure you will be able to see what I’m referring to in my own articles. Thank you.

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About a month ago, I noted blogger Andrew Sullivan’s parting of ways from the radical ideological Right. In doing so, Sullivan mentioned another blogger, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who had done the same shortly before. The Los Angeles Times recently ran a story on the vilification and threats Johnson has endured since then (WebCite cached article):

Back when he built his Little Green Footballs website into a favorite of the conservative right, Charles Johnson liked to write about the “Loony Left” and “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” …

Imagine the surprise among conservatives to learn — in a series of postings over nearly the last two years, and then in an official declaration of estrangement a little more than a month ago — that their darling did not love them anymore. Maybe he never did.

Johnson’s posting on Nov. 30, “Why I Parted Ways with The Right,” created a maelstrom in some corners of the blogosphere and the Twitterverse. Onetime hyperlinking pals have called him a tyrant and a traitor. Earlier, one had questioned his sanity.

Reporter James Rainey himself witnessed some of the Right’s pushback against Johnson:

As I talked to Johnson in his office, an alert flashed on one of his two giant computer monitors. An angry screed targeting him on another website concluded: “I think a visit to Mr. Johnson’s home might be warranted. Anybody got his address?”

Of Andrew Sullivan’s break from the Right, I had said:

More than likely, the sanctimoniously-blinded Right will just cast aside Sullivan’s indictment by asserting that “he was never really a conservative,” and thus dismiss him.

Well, it turns out that this was true of Johnson as well, as shown in the following Rightist sentiments (emphasis mine):

Tundra Tabloids blog: Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a neo-conservative (TT: never was one) blog …

Right Wing News: Despite the fact that I never got the impression that Charles Johnson was a conservative

and on and on it goes. Obviously these people have a lot of the character and integrity one expects of “true conservatives,” don’t they?

Hat tip: Romenesko (at Poynter Online)

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