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Bob Englehart, the Hartford Courtant, cartoon dated 2010-03-31Every once in a while, Bob Englehart, political cartoonist for the Hartford Courant, really nails an issue with a clever depiction … but simultaneously offends some readers. His cartoon dated yesterday fits this description: It’s clever, apt, and (basically) accurate — but a number of readers are incensed; see the comments below the cartoon and Englehart’s own blurb about it. As can be seen, it alludes to the Roman Catholic Church’s ongoing worldwide decades-old clerical child abuse scandal, about which more and more information is released.

The question I have for any Catholics who profess to be “offended” by Englehart’s cartoon is this:

How dare you?

I mean that. Seriously. How dare you?

Where do you think you get the moral authority to be angered over a mere picture, when the truth behind that picture is that thousands — and probably tens of thousands, but we may never get a final tally — of children in the U.S. and around the world have been abused, sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally, by Roman Catholic clergy who were supposed to have cared for them?

On what basis can you claim to be “offended” over a picture, when your own Church has systematically covered for criminal priests and nuns … moving them around as needed to keep them from being prosecuted (cached), and when given opportunities to stop them from abusing children, staunchly refusing to do so (cached)?

What sort of morality grants you the right to be angry about a picture, when the Roman Catholic Church has built entire institutions intended to — essentially — enslave children and teens for upwards of decades at a time … systematically and on a large scale?

You dare complain about Bob Englehart’s cartoon — but also REFUSE even to lift a finger to do one single thing about the abuse of children that has occurred at the hands of your own Church?

When you decide, collectively, to grow the hell up and face what your own Church has done; when you’ve forced the Vatican to compensate Catholicism’s surviving victims; and when you’ve coerced your own Church to refer the criminals in its ranks — however many are still alive after all these years — for prosecution by their governments (and yes, that would include the bishops, archbishops, and heads of religious orders who criminally conspired to allow the abuse to go on as long as it did) … THEN you can come back here and profess “offense” at this cartoon.

Until then, you are nothing … just another “club” full of reprehensible, ethical degenerates, with all the morals of the Mafia.

You make me want to vomit.

Stop bellyaching at Englehart, and other people who are simply relaying the horrors of what’s been done, and start coercing your own Church into being held responsible for it.

What a bunch of fucking whiners you are. Either take responsibility for the Church to which you belong, or don’t. Whatever you do, the choice is yours. But don’t gripe and cry that people like Englehart are pointing out its degenerate and amoral nature.

Picture credit: Bob Englehart / Hartford Courant.

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