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I blogged earlier on the case of Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California USA. She used the Miss USA contest to rail against gay marriage, immediately becoming the object of worship by the Religious Right. Then it was revealed that she’d violated her contract with the pageant organization not only by failing to disclose semi-naked photos she’d been in, but by hiring herself out as a shill for the Religious Right a the expense of her own duties as Miss California USA.

When news came of this came out the R.R. screamed “How dare you! You shouldn’t have revealed that about her! You’re just saying this because she’s against gay marriage!”

In other words, they’re saying that because she’s a gay marriage opponent, that made it perfectly acceptable for her to violate her contract.

Note that the Religious Right, however, continually rails against “moral relativity.” They believe only in “moral absolutes.” Rules are rules, in their minds; they are to be obeyed without question or reservation; they are to be enforced without exception; they are never to be compromised; and negotiation is impermissible under all conditions. (Here is a sample of their thoughts on the matter.)

Yet — despite their philosophical belief that rules are always absolute — they’re nonetheless OK with Carrie Prejean breaking contracts … because of who she is and what she says. The inconsistency here is brazen and obvious.

It appears, though, that the Religious Right has gotten their wish, and their newfound idol will not be held to account for breach of contract, as the New York Times Lede blog reports. Congratulations, members of the R.R., you got your wish … your new standard-bearer is a beauty queen who broke a contract and got away with it.

I’m not sure how or why the R.R. would be proud of that, but they are.

P.S. Note whom she thanks for this reprieve; the Lede blog quotes her as saying, “I would like to thank God for trusting me with this large task and giving me the strength to stand by my beliefs.” How nice of you, Ms Prejean. Don’t thank Mr Trump, the guy who actually made the decision to let you skate. Thank, instead, a non-evident being. Your gratitude to Mr Trump is underwhelming.

P.P.S. Note also the hypocrisy of the Religious Right raging and fuming over the horrid “moral relativism” of modern society, but simultaneously being “moral relativists” themselves. This is a very old story indeed. Christian hypocrisy is common, and has been through its history, even though Jesus himself explicitly and unambiguously forbid his followers ever to be hypocritical.

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