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Religionists are terrific opportunists. They interpret everything that happens as an open door through which they are entitled to walk, and use to promote their religion, whichever it happens to be. An example of this is in an online news story from a newspaper near me, the Torrington Register-Citizen:

Buddha statue may have saved temple from fire

A three-foot tall statute — representing a Buddha known for saving all beings who call on him — may have saved The International Buddhist Temple from going up in flames Saturday.

Sue Yen Sunim, a monk at the temple, pulled the small statute of Amita Bul from a closet where it was placed. It stands charred black on one side, staining one half of its original gold cover.

The Amita Bul statute once stood at the front of the temple, on the corner of a large pedestal, in front of three larger Buddha statues. None of the larger statutes, however, sustained any damage from a lantern that had caught fire and burned both Amita Bul and a large part of the pedestal. The fire stopped right there.

Now … in the Middle Ages this would have been viewed as a “miracle,” and if it had happened in a church, it would have been commemorated for years afterward, and interpreted as a sign of the church patron-saint’s sanctity. Most of us, however, would realize that the explanation is much more mundane than that … the statue simply choked off the fire.

Christian religionists, however, are apparently rattled by this. Unable to accept the idea that a Buddha statue could have blocked a fire, they’ve reacted bitterly to it, as revealed in the comments to the article. A selection follows:

cyrus wrote on May 3, 2009 6:15 AM:
” Jesus is the only one that saves, but when we start putting our faith in one who is still dead, we are dead. Jesus is the Living God and only through faith in Him do we have life. All the statue represents is an object that block any opportunity for the fire to spread. It could have been a statue of anything. Let us give all the praise to God who saved that temple, or if you don’t believe, think of it as just luck. “

MPK wrote on May 3, 2009 12:51 PM:
” Book Of Isaiah Chapter 44 vs 9-20
They that make a graven image are all of them vanity … [MPK’s verse citation truncated]

There are, thankfully, contrary comments telling “cyrus” and “MPK” to “get a life,” among other things. I wonder what makes people like this think that Buddhists in the US somehow have never heard of their Jesus? Somehow, I suspect, most of them do, in fact, know all about Jesus — as everyone in the US does, no matter their own religion or lack thereof — but have consciously chosen to reject what they’ve been told about him. (Maybe this is what makes Christians angry enough to post comments like this?)

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