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We may as well forget about Pakistan. It’s lost to Islamic fundamentalism. CBS News reports on Pakistanis who are happy that the Taliban now controls part of the country:

Swat Valley is a picturesque region surrounded by high mountains in northern Pakistan. The government gave up the area to the Taliban (video) two weeks ago, in a peace-deal which a foreign ministry official on Thursday called “a local solution to a local problem”.

That local problem, however, is growing. Militants from Swat moved into the neighboring district of Buner this week.

Yes, folks, history repeats itself; as I predicted earlier, this is the “capitulation strategy” for dealing with enemies. (Then again, since Pakistan is a predominantly Islamic country and the word islam itself means “surrender,” what else could one expect?)

[T]he Taliban have been welcomed in Buner, as they were in Swat.

“Everyone here is happy with the Taliban,” one local man in Buner told CBS News. “The only people who are unhappy are the thieves, murderers and criminals. There is no Muslim in the world who would be unhappy with the Islamic way of life.”

Wonderful. Define the Taliban’s opponents as being — by definition — criminals, and naturally, no one will want to oppose them — for fear of being branded a “criminal”!

It turns out that mine is not the sole voice condemning Pakistan’s surrender to Islamic fundamentalism, as the CBS News report goes on to say:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said earlier this week that Pakistan’s leaders were “basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists.”

She urged Pakistanis to “speak out forcefully against a policy that is ceding more and more territory.”

Sadly, no one with any power to stop this trend, has listened to her. Nor are they likely to do so any time soon. It’s over, folks. Pakistan will soon fall into the bottomless sinkhole of fundamentalist delusion … and there is pretty much no way to stop it.

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