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Pakistani police officials examine the burnt out houses of members of the Christian community in Lahore / AFP/Getty Images, via The IndependentOnce again, I have to report on yet another example of “the Religion of Peace” displaying its true colors for the world to see. The (UK) Independent reports a mob of Muslims — enraged by the possibility that someone had dared dis their almighty prophet — threw a colossal, violent tantrum, ripping through a neighborhood in Lahore, Pakistan and burning down a hundred buildings (WebCite cached article):

Hundreds of people in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore ransacked a Christian neighborhood today and torched dozens of homes after hearing reports that a Christian man had committed blasphemy against Islam’s prophet, said a police officer.…

The incident started yesterday when a young Muslim man accused a Christian man of committing blasphemy by making offensive comments about the prophet, according to Multan Khan, a senior police officer in Lahore.

A large crowd from a nearby mosque went to the Christian man’s home last night, and Khan said police took him into custody to try to pacify the crowd. Fearing for their safety, hundreds of Christian families fled the area overnight.

Khan said the mob returned today and began ransacking Christian homes and setting them ablaze. He said no one in the Christian community was hurt, but several policemen were injured when they were hit with stones as they tried to keep the crowd from storming the area.

I must congratulate the world’s Muslims on their ability to keep up their angry, violent religionistic immaturity. It’s an incredible achievement. Well done! You all must be so proud.

Oh, and it’s behavior like this that makes the rest of the world sleep so well at night, knowing Pakistan has nuclear weapons at its disposal. Yep, it’s positively heart-warming and reassuring to know this. No doubt!

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images, via The Independent.

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Afghan demonstrators destroy a U.S. flag during a protest against Quran desecration in Helmand province, Feb. 23, 2012. (Getty)Having already displayed their raging, sanctimonious immaturity over some Qur’ans that had been burned at the Bagram military base in their country, Afghans decided to ramp it up even further, and have killed over it. CBS News reports on this murderous childishness (WebCite cached article):

Two U.S. troops have been shot to death and four more wounded by an Afghan solider who turned his gun on his allies in apparent anger over the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, an Afghan official tells CBS News.

A statement from the International Security Assistance Force – Afghanistan, the international coalition in the country, confirmed that two troops were killed in Eastern Afghanistan on Thursday by “an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform.” …

The source also said the shooting appeared to be motivated by the burning of Qurans at the sprawling U.S. Bagram air base, north of Kabul, but he did not provide additional details as to what led him to that conclusion.

Way to go, Afghans. Congratulations. Well done! I’m impressed. You must all be so proud of your accomplishment!

Update 1: Afghan immaturity continues to impress. As of Saturday, 2/25/2012, the violent protests continue, and more people have died as a result (cached). There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.

Photo credit: Getty photo, via CBS News.

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Torches & Pitchforks | TV TropesSo, what do Neocrusaders do when they hear about a Muslim terrorism suspect being arrested in a sting operation (WebCite cached article)? Why, obviously, they torch a mosque that the suspect attended. WMTR-TV in Eugene, OR reports on the suspected arson (cached article):

A fire early Sunday morning at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center attended by Mohamed Osman Mohamud has been declared arson by the Corvallis Fire Department.

Officials said that the fire — which was contained to one room — was intentionally set.

The FBI has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

That’s right, folks. Before all the facts have been revealed, before there’s been a conviction, before even the trial has begun — the Neocrusaders have already pronounced sentence; the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center has been found guilty of its complicity (in what hasn’t even been determined a crime yet), and set ablaze.

Why, absolutely this is justified. After all, didn’t Muslims kill Americans on September 11, 2001? Shouldn’t all the mosques around the country be set on fire? Please note, this is not the first mosque that’s been torched by enraged Neocrusaders, I’ve already blogged about another mosque arson.

Can we finally decide that, maybe — just maybe — it’s time for people to fucking grow the hell up, fercryinoutloud, before someone gets killed?

Photo credit: TV Tropes.

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Qur'anIt’s great fun to critique and ridicule religious fundamentalism. It is, after all, so easy to do, since religious fundamentalism is always so utterly irrational and immature. In many ways, religious fundamentalism satirizes itself. But some real entertainment can be had by watching religious fundamentalists tear into other religious fundamentalists. A classic example is the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL. I’ve blogged about this childish crew’s antics before, but the Religion News Service (via the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life) reports they’ve decided to up the ante a bit more (WebCite cached article):

A Florida church with “Islam is of the devil” signs in its front lawn plans to host an “International Burn A Quran Day,” on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks this year.

The Dove World Outreach Center, a non-denominational church in Gainesville, has marked the date in previous years with protests against Islam. …

They’re engaging in this juvenile and incendiary behavior, they claim, as a favor to the world’s Muslims:

“We feel, as Christians, one of our jobs is to warn,” said [Pastor Terry] Jones.

The goal of these and other protests are to give Muslims an opportunity to convert, he said.

As a fundamentalist Christian, Jones of course worships his own set of scripture, that being the Christian Bible. I wonder how much of a “favor” he’d interpret it as, if a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists were to burn some Christian Bibles. I can’t really prove it, but I suspect he’d be outraged over that.

Hat tip: The Friendly Atheist.

Photo credit: Doctor Yuri.

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It’s well-known that kids can drive their parents crazy. But I guess it takes metaphysics — in this case, Voodoo — to make them assault them in a cruel way. The New York Daily News reports on a bizarre example of metaphysics run amok:

Determined to drive evil spirits out of her daughter, a Queens mom performed a bizarre voodoo fire ritual that left the 6-year-old girl scarred for life, prosecutors say.

While young Frantzcia Saintil was “engulfed in flames,” Marie Lauradin let the screaming girl burn, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Thursday.

But much worse than burning her daughter, was how Ms Lauradin dealt with the injuries:

Eventually, Frantzcia’s grandmother doused the flames with cold water, but the women then put the girl to bed instead of getting her help, Brown said.

Frantzcia suffered for a whole day before a relative begged them to take her to a hospital.

I guess it takes religioisity to make a mother both cruel and indifferent to her own child. Nice.

A real gem in this reporting is the following protestation by Ms Lauradin’s attorney:

“She denies these allegations,” lawyer Jeff Cohen said. “This is my client’s only child. My client would not hurt her.”

Counsel must live in a strange alternate universe, wherein it’s not a Voodoo-believing parent, but some unknown third party, who sneaks into homes, douses kids with rum, sets them on fire, and flees? Who, exactly, does counsel think set this child on fire … the Torch Fairy? Please! What an asinine thing to say.

Are we clear yet as to the massive amounts of harm that metaphysical beliefs can do to people? Have you had enough yet of this kind of story? (In case you’re not aware of the phenomenon of “killing one’s kids for religion,” have a look at this, and this, and this!)

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