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A calf was recently born here in Connecticut with what appears to be an unusual marking … which of course is getting a lot of play among the religiously-minded. The Norwich Bulletin reports on this:

Sterling dairy farmer Brad Davis woke Dec. 1 to find his cow licking the head of her newborn calf. There was a white furry splotch on his head, and Davis took the calf to a heated room in the barn to dry.

A few hours later, he returned and found the animal sitting up in the sawdust, the white mark dry and in the shape of a cross. …

Neighborhood children visited and named the calf Moses.

Here’s a picture of the calf in question:

Aaron Flaum /

Aaron Flaum /

Naturally, this has been deemed so remarkable as to defy explanation:

His father, Andrew Gallup Davis, 70, said he’s seen thousands of calves born, but none with a marking like this.

“It’s not one you look at and you try to make something out of it. It’s pronounced,” he said.

A bona fide animal expert, however, said it’s not that far out of the ordinary, as the Bulletin went on to explain:

Ric Grummer, chairman of the Department of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, said white markings on the head of Holstein animals are common.

“I think what this is really ending up being is a coincidence,” he said. “Sometimes that marking is in the shape of a triangle. Sometimes that marking may be very irregularly shaped.” …

“Clearly, if you get a nice unique cross, it’s unique, but it’s not totally surprising that something like this would happen,” Grummer said.

Another example of coincidence and pareidolia. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

Hat tip: WVIT-TV in Hartford CT.

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