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The Virgin Mary ... in a door? Where?I’ve blogged before about Virgin Mary being seen in things, such as in the murky frost between panes of glass, and in the knots on some plywood. This time the Virgin Mary has shown up in someone’s door in Durham, North Carolina. WTVG in Toledo reports on this stunning revelation (WebCite cached article):

We’ve all heard stories of images of the Virgin Mary appearing on everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to highway underpasses. Now, a Durham, NC woman says the Virgin Mary literally appeared in her bedroom door – and hundreds have flocked to her apartment to get a glimpse.

“It appeared on February 28th on Sunday at about 9:30 in the morning,” Carolina Martinez told ABC11.

Martinez said the image appeared on the door of a spare bedroom after a friend spent the night.

“She called for me and told me that she saw the image and I told her no, that she was crazy,” Martinez recalled.

But she now believes.

Note the common trope of initial disbelief, followed by having been convinced by someone else. Ms Martinez said a church elder told her that the image was “just lines,” which upset her:

“I came home very sad because these are things of God and I would not play with something like that.”

Oh, of course, Ms Martinez. Of course you couldn’t possibly “play with” this, because it’s “of God.” How horrible of someone to make such an accusation?

Moreover, Ms Martinez has many supporters:

But hundreds of people apparently don’t think they’re just lines. The Sunday the image appeared, Martinez said something amazing happened.

“We told three neighbors and we stayed. Because with that, more than 300 people came that Sunday until about 1a.m.,” said Martinez.

And they haven’t stopped coming.

Well, obviously, there can no longer be any doubt! 300 people have spoken, and it can only be a genuine visitation by the blessed Virgin Mary.

That said, I honestly can’t see anything even remotely resembling the Virgin Mary — or any other person — in this door. WTVG has a small gallery of photos; I challenge anyone to show where the image is. It’s not there.

This is, of course, yet another example of the psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia. Nothing more.

Hat tip: Skeptics & Heretics Forum on Delphi Forums.

Photo credit: WTVG, Toledo, OH.

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