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Province House in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CanadaThis is the sort of story I’d have expected to hear from somewhere in the Religious Right-infected US, most likely in a militantly Christian state such as Texas or South Carolina. But this comes, instead, from the mostly-secular Great White North … specifically, Prince Edward Island. The CBC reports on a comment following a fall (WebCite cached article):

A debate over Sunday shopping has led P.E.I.’s transportation minister to suggest God had struck down the leader of the Opposition, who fell and injured herself after introducing a bill to allow Sunday openings year-round.

Opposition leader Olive Crane introduced the private member’s bill earlier this week. It would remove Canada’s last restrictions on Sunday shopping. …

Unlike in the US, where the comment likely would have been delivered sanctimoniously from behind a lectern at a press conference, this one was delivered in person during a debate:

Following an appearance on CBC Television’s Compass Monday, Crane slipped on the television set, injuring her ankle and wrist. Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley brought up the incident during the debate on the bill Thursday.

“I’m not what you call a saint, but I believe in God and I believe in [doing] the best I can do. You were at CBC pushing Sunday shopping, were you not? On TV?” he asked Crane. “Right after that interview what happened?”

“We had a bit of an accident,” Crane responded.

“Does that not tell you something?” said MacKinley.

“Like what?” said Crane.

“Like the Lord works in mysterious ways, and maybe you should start worrying what’s going on here? We are going all the time, we’re getting farther and farther away, whether it’s prayers in the schools or whatever it is,” said MacKinley.

The CBC article contains video of the exchange, which reveals that MacKinley’s comments were punctuated by a few mild guffaws from those nearby. At least a few people within earshot understood how laughable this moron’s comment was.

There’s nothing like using a little personal misfortune to make a self-righteous dig at someone, eh?

Yes, Mr MacKinley. Absolutely you’re right. God has nothing better to do with his infinite time and almighty power, but to trip up politicians who want stores to open Sunday. Why, of course. It’s so obvious he’d want to do that. He can’t be bothered dealing with stopping crimes, healing the sick, ending wars, halting murderous tyrants, or anything else like that. Oh no! An all-powerful being can’t afford to be bogged down with “big ticket items” like that. No way! Instead, he worries only about whether people are able to go to the store on Sundays. Definitely. Obviously!

When are these religionists going to grow the fuck up and get over themselves already?

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