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Egypt (as the Soup Nazi) says, 'No YouTube for you!' / PsiCop graphic based on SeinfeldIt appears the world of Islam still hasn’t gotten over the fact that some insolent American-Egyptian Neocrusader dared make a video that insults their religion and its prophet. The Washington Post reports an Egyptian court will ban Youtube in that country for one month, as a “punishment” for having hosted it (WebCite cached article):

An Egyptian court ordered a one-month ban on YouTube on Saturday, after it said the video-sharing Web site had failed to remove an American-made anti-Islam video.

Cairo’s administrative court ruled in response to a suit filed by an independent Egyptian lawyer. Judge Hassouna Tawfiq, who presided over the case, said the ban would also apply to other Web sites that circulated the video, including, potentially, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This isn’t the first time an Islamic country has banned Youtube because it carried supposedly blasphemous or sacrilegious content; Paskistan has banned Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter & Blackberry over such whines.

This is Muh-hund cartoon / Lars Vilks, via Wikipediaactually pretty typical; the world’s Muslims commonly rage, fume, riot and kill childishly whenever they think someone has criticized their religion. They cannot, and what’s worse, will not, permit any “dissing” of their religion. Ever. Not even in spite of the fact that criticism of a religion and blasphemy never harms anyone and never can change the basic nature of the religion. If they want to believe in it, they can do so, and no one’s criticism or disrespect can alter that.

Wah wah 'Bombhead' cartoon by K. Westergaardwah, little Muslim crybabies. Grow the fuck up already!

As I always do in cases like this, I’ve added a couple gratuitous anti-Islamic cartoons just to illustrate the power of the Streisand effect (by openly and publicly decrying something, one calls attention to it at a time when otherwise it would have gone unnoticed or unremembered).

Photo credit, top: By PsiCop, based on “the Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld; middle left, Lars Vilks, via Wikipedia; middle right, K. Westergaard, originally in Jyllands-Posten.

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Stephen Colbert holding a pitchforkHere, Gentle Reader, is the second “peasants with pitchforks” moment in less than a week.

It seems the town of Enfield has become Connecticut’s crucible of Rightism, a New England microcosm of Kansas in the late ’90s and early ’00s — and more recently, Oklahoma. Last year, ardent Religious Rightists there chose to defy the law of the land and hold the town’s high school graduation in a church. As expected, they were rebuffed in this effort, mainly because of their lies, but they most certainly haven’t given up enforcing Rightism. The town’s Republican mayor recently ordered the Enfield library not to show Michael Moore’s Sicko documentary, as the (Manchester, CT) Journal Inquirer reports (WebCite cached article):

The Enfield Public Library on Wednesday canceled Friday’s screening of filmmaker Michael Moore’s controversial documentary “Sicko” under pressure from most Town Council members and the mayor, who threatened to cut the library’s funding if the film was shown.

Let me state up-front that I’m no fan of Michael Moore. He’s a shameless propagandist, and I despise propaganda; “propaganda” and “dishonesty” all too often are one and the same thing. But honestly … what the fuck? You people can’t tolerate a couple hours of Moore’s extreme Leftism? Really!? Are you that thin-skinned?

What a bunch of fucking whiners!

Enfield’s militant Rightists came up with a list of rationales for their censorship, beginning with “it’s for the children”:

Councilman Patrick Crowley, also a Democrat, said he didn’t think the effort to cancel the screening amounted to censorship, saying the library should be age-appropriate for young children.

“We want it to be a place for relaxation and fun for the kids,” Crowley said.

Yeah. As if any kids who show up are actually going to sit through more than a couple minutes of Sicko.

Then, it was “but this film is too controversial”:

[Mayor Scott R.] Kaupin said the library should steer clear of controversial material like “Sicko.”

My guess is Hizzonner has never seen the movie and thus knows nothing about its “controversy,” except what Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. have told him about it. The curious thing about controversies is that, without actually examining the elements of the controversy, one never knows what the controversy is. Controversies don’t go away if we clamp our eyes shut and plug up our ears.

There were even some who denied this was even censorship at all:

Resident Dominic Alaimo, who is also chairman of the Thompsonville Board of Fire Commissioners, said at Tuesday’s meeting that canceling the screening is not censorship because the film is “available anywhere you want.”

“Censorship does not start from the bottom and work up. Censorship starts in like Red China, Russia,” Alaimo said.

Aha. There you have it. This can’t be censorship, because Enfield is in the US, and censorship only happens in “Red China” and Russia! Why, I’m so glad to have that cleared up! Whew!

The only good part about this particular childish dust-up is that the Rightists in Enfield have learned their lesson from their legal smackdown earlier this year, and have relented — slightly. Rick Green of the Hartford Courant reports Sicko will be screened, after all — as part of a package of “balanced” film screenings. As though a couple hours of Moore being shown in the Enfield library, one time, needs to be “balanced” … when talk-radio and cable news are stuffed to the gills with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of unrelenting, undiluted Rightism. Personally, I think propaganda needs to be “balanced” against rationality and truthful information. Unfortunately there are no critical-thinking movies out there … at least, none that I know of.

Photo credit: (UK) Daily Mail.

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'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardPakistan’s censorship of the Internet over its potential to convey “sacrilege” has extended to Twitter as well as Blackberry service. The Indian Express reports on this (WebCite cached article):

Pakistanis are hopping mad following the ban on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and the blocking of Blackberry services in the wake of a controversy over a contest featuring blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

Some Pakistanis apparently aren’t happy about it:

Raza Rumi, the editor of a popular ezine, described the banning of Blackberry services as “absolute madness”. …

“The zealots want us to go back to the stone age. These decisions should be reversed at once. There are other ways of dealing with this issue and not by an absolute ban of connectivity in the 21st century. In any case, it is not easy to ‘ban’ stuff in this day and age.”

That’s true, but the fact is that this will inconvenience a great many Pakistanis, only to satisfy the juvenile lunatic Islamists in that country.

I’m not sure I can really be sympathetic with Rumi and others like him, though. The Pakistani government that he — and the rest of Pakistan — voted into office, is doing precisely what it was voted in to do. Perhaps he — and other Pakistanis — should not have voted those folks in? And maybe they should consider getting rid of those people at the next election?

I’m betting this will not happen, however; Pakistanis will probably continue with an Islamist regime. If that’s the case then even the little sympathy I might have for them, will have vanished entirely.

I hope these zealots keep up their insanely immature campaign of futile censorship, it provides me with a wonderful opportunity to keep posting incendiary images that defy Islam’s proscriptions.

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Pakistan (as the Soup Nazi) says, 'No YouTube for you'The juvenile, raging hyperreligionists in Pakistan have expanded their Internet censorship. It’s not just Facebook they’re banning, but many other Web sites too. And it’s all due to “sacrilege.” The New York Times reports on this additional expression of Islamist immaturity (WebCite cached article):

Pakistani authorities broadened a ban on social networking sites on Thursday, blocking YouTube and about 450 individual links to Web pages over what it described as “growing sacrilegious content.”

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, or P.T.A., blocked YouTube after a special Internet monitoring cell within the agency determined that “objectionable content” was increasing, according to a spokesman, Khurram Mehran.

'Bombhead' cartoon by K. WestergaardBecause the government of Pakistan continues to rage and fume about “sacrilege” and continues to assume that everyone on the planet — Muslim and non-Muslim alike — One of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, published in 2005is obliged to obey Islam’s metaphysical proscriptions on depicting Muhammad, the founder of their religion, I’ve added some incendiary cartoons to this post. The power of the Streisand effect is demonstrable, but these furious, irrational lunatics appear not to get it.

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