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In the “good news and good-bye” department, the splinter of Operation Rescue which lingered in Kansas — the better to harass the now-late Dr George Tiller — is broke and may be shutting down, as reported by the Washington Post:

Operation Rescue has told its supporters it is facing a “major financial crisis” and is very close to shutting down unless emergency help arrives soon.

Troy Newman, the antiabortion group’s president, blamed the economic downturn for its money woes in a desperate plea e-mailed Monday night to donors. But the Wichita-based organization has also been under attack from both fringe antiabortion militants and abortion rights supporters since the May 31 shooting death of George Tiller.

Well, boo-fucking-hoo. Does the Bible not say that those who start trouble will be afflicted by it? (See among other passages Job 4:8, Jeremiah 6:19, & Galatians 6:7.) Seems organizational collapse is not even a fitting end for a group that may (note: I said “may,” not “did”) have had a hand in the assassination of Dr Tiller. One of OR/K’s operatives, Cheryl Sullenger, gave accused assassin Scott Roeder information about Tiller’s schedule that might have led to the shooting.

If all that happens to OR/K is that they end up closing their doors, that will have been too good for these people. But it’s the least that I can hope will happen.

Hat tip: Unreasonable Faith blog.

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