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It’s been a long, hot summer … and not just in terms of weather. The political heat has been bubbling around the country for months. The Religious Right lost power at a national level in November 2008, and since they lack the maturity to deal with this reality, they are raging and fuming all over the place. The latest example of ferocious hyperreligiosity gone out of control, is from an Arizona paster who says he’s prayed for the death of President Barack Obama — and he stands by that, as reported by television station KSAZ, Fox 10 in Pheonix:

The sermons at this east valley church are stirring controversy and for some, causing alarm. Pastor Steven Anderson says he’s a man of God, but some are horrified at what he’s preaching.

Anderson is standing by his controversial sermon, entitled “Why I Hate Barack Obama.” Video of the sermon has hit YouTube, and he’s taped explaining why he hates the President and praying for his death.

Sunday at church, Anderson told FOX 10, “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today.”

Here’s video of a report the station broadcast:

Using typical religious double-talk and evasion, then, Anderson takes the cowardly route of insisting he is not asking that anyone actually do anything to make his wish come to pass — just expressing some kind of latent (and, he thinks, benign) belief that Obama must die:

Anderson is continuing to encourage his parishioners to pray for the president’s death, but says he doesn’t condone killing.

“I will not take the law into my own hands. I will not take up any arms. It’s a spiritual battle, spiritual warfare.”

Calling it a “spiritual battle” as opposed to a “physical” one — Anderson thinks — relieves him of any responsibility for his own words. But he can’t do that so easily, because in fact, many people — in the US and around the world — frequently confuse spiritual and physical warfare.

Unfortunately these kinds of imprecatory prayers against the president are not new, and neither are the dodgy, “I-stand-by-what-I-said-and-I-believe-in-it-but-I-don’t-believe-it-enough-to-want-anything-to-actually-happen-even-if-I’m-convinced-of-it-which-means-that-while-it-sounds-like-I’m-threatening-the-president-I’m-really-not-so-don’t-send-the-Secret-Service-after-me” responses when queried about it.

Of course, opponents of the Right felt the need to ramp up this ridiculousness by showing up to protest:

Sunday, about 30 parishioners of the Faithful Word Baptist Church were met by a handful of protesters.

In response to this ramping up of the matter, Anderson’s parishioners even-more-childishly responded with a ramp-up of their own:

Tempe Police patrolled the area to make sure tempers didn’t get out of hand, while many parishioners walked into the church carrying guns on their hips.

One of them was Christopher Broughton, who got national attention when he brought an AR-15 assault rifle to an Aug. 17 rally outside the Phoenix Convention Center where President Obama was addressing veterans.

In case you want to see it, video of Pastor Anderson’s original sermon is here:

At any rate, quite sadly, the spectacle of immaturity in American politics doesn’t appear to be waning. Sigh.

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