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Wrong Again! Three women and their families couldn't be happier! / PsiCop modification of original picture from Skeptic North (URL: discovery of three kidnap victims in Cleveland, who’d been missing for 10 years or more, has made national news (WebCite cached article). This is fantastic news, although famed psychic Sylvia Browne … who’s claimed an accuracy rate of 87-90 percent … probably isn’t too happy about it. You see, as ABC News reports, back in 2004 she’d pronounced Amanda Berry dead, right to her mother’s face, on The Montel Williams Show (cached):

A year after Amanda Berry disappeared in Cleveland, her mother appeared on “The Montel Williams Show” to speak to a psychic about what happened to her daughter.

Psychic Sylvia Browne, who has made a career of televised psychic readings, told Louwanna Miller on a 2004 episode of the show that her daughter was dead, causing Miller to break down in tears on the show’s set.

“She’s not alive, honey,” Browne told Miller on the show, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

Sadly, Miller died believing Browne’s declaration just a little while later:

Miller told the newspaper that she believed “98 percent” in what Browne told her. Miller died a year later from heart failure.

Predictably, Browne is now avoiding accountability for her failed declaration:

Browne did not return phone calls seeking comment today by ABC News. The Montel Williams show, through syndicator CBS, also did not return calls for comment. The show no longer airs new episodes.

Here’s ABC News’ video report on Browne’s catastrophically erroneous declaration:

That Browne was wrong … again … isn’t news to those capable of reviewing her vaunted accuracy. As I blogged some time ago, her accuracy rate is a big, fat, fucking goose-egg. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Not one of her predictions that could be verified, proved true. Not a single one.

The ABC News article goes on to chronicle other noted examples of Browne having been demonstrably wrong, and further, elaborates on how “psychics” prey on people who have missing relatives, and that their “tips” are unhelpful. I find this amazing, because the mass media typically are complicit with fraudsters like Sylvia. It’s rare for them to be so candid in calling out psychics, their lies, and other assorted games. It’s something that just doesn’t happen.

Photo credit: PsiCop modification of original on Skeptic North.

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Jesus Facepalm: He gave up too so please stop this foolishnessHere’s one that I’m tagging “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

I’d assumed the Casey Anthony case would never come up on my blog. But I should have known better. After all, religious folks will seize upon anything and everything in order to be noticed for their piety and righteousness. And wouldn’t you know it, a church in Ohio has done just that, using Caylee Anthony’s murder and her mother’s acquittal in order to get publicity. WJW-TV in Cleveland reports on a congregation which decided to “retry” Ms Anthony because they were upset about the verdict (WebCite cached article):

Would you have found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, as the trial jurors did? A Cleveland church held its own retrial Sunday morning to find out.

The Sunday morning service at the “In Touch With Christ Christian Center” on East 140th Street had a twist.

Along with the usual prayer, singing and praising, there was a mock-verdict, with 12 parishioners acting as jurors.

The results of this “retrial” were — well, not “results” at all:

Eight mock-jurors said “guilty,” and four said “not guilty.”

Yep, it was a hung jury.

If you’re wondering why this goofy church did this, it’s all for the children, you see:

The church’s pastor, Bishop Prince Moultry, said the most important message Sunday was to protect the many children in the Cleveland community at risk of falling to the same fate as little Caylee.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to discern a connection between child safety and this “retrial” of Casey Anthony, but it’s just not coming to me.

Jesus, I’m sure, would be so proud of this stupid little publicity stunt.

Photo credit: Demotivators Blog (defunct).

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