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Disqus logo - white on blue background 1024x394Good morning, Dear Reader. I’ve made another change to blog comments. Intense Debate worked well enough, but creating and editing comments with HTML markup (especially Web links) was problematic. So I switched to another, better (in my opinion) comment platform, which happens to be very common on the Web (and that means, any given commenter will already be familiar with it): Disqus.

You’ll have to have a Disqus ID in order to comment here, but that’s easy enough to do, so go ahead — comment away!

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Old Reading LecternA little over a couple months ago I wrote my blog page about Bible passages that most Christians love to ignore. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of very nice comments — and even more personal correspondence sent to me directly rather than tacked on as comments — which I appreciate. I honestly do, so I thank you all for your kind words.

If you’re a Christian who likes what I wrote in that article, though, I’d prefer that you show it to your fellow Christians. Show them what Jesus Christ supposedly taught. Show them they’re not doing it right. Tell them to change their ways, so their words and deeds are more in line with what Christianity’s holy scripture actually says, rather than what they’d like it to have said. Tell them to be more like the Jesus Christ they claim to follow, rather than creatively reinterpreting his words and actions so as to justify whatever it is they feel like doing. Tell them their mortal souls are in peril unless they do.

And while you’re at it, you might also want to ask them why a cold-hearted, cynical, godless agnostic heathen knows their own holy book better than they do. (For the record, there’s a reason for that: I was raised Catholic, but became a Protestant fundamentalist before eventually becoming the Agnostic I am now.)

So if you like what I wrote, and feel as though you might want to do something nice for me in return, then please show it to your fellow Christians, and use it educate them. They may not thank your for it, but I do.

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QuillHello, all. Just a note to point out that I’ve changed commenting from the generic system provided by WordPress, to IntenseDebate. The advantage of this is that it allows comments to be posted using the credentials of a Twitter or OpenID account, or as a “guest” (using only an email address), obviating the need to create an account directly on the blog and then using it.

Many folks have Twitter accounts and/or OpenID-compliant accounts — even if they may not realize it (Google, Yahoo, AOL & WordPress.Com, just to name a few; here’s how to log in using those). It also provides commenters with added features, such as subscribing to any replies made to your comments or to all comments on the blog post, and voting on comments. This should make commenting on this blog easier, both to post and to manage, although I can’t rule out the possibility of snags somewhere along the line. Please contact me if you have any problems with commenting.

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