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the white flagIt turns out that mere hours after being the target of an American Family Association boycott over its failure to include “Christmas” frequently enough in its fall and winter advertising, a national sporting-goods chain has surrendered to the forces of the Christmas Army and have acquiesced to their demands. Consumerist reports on their total capitulation to religionism (WebCite cached article):

My how things change overnight. Yesterday, we told you about the far-from-loony folks at the American Family Association who had called for their members to boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods because the retail chain used the word “holiday” instead of “Christmas” for its November and December sales circulars. Now the AFA has announced that it’s called off the boycott because Dick’s will be using that word after all.

The AFA, you see, has decided that the months of November and December together have only one holiday — Christmas — and that there is no Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or anything else. Thus, they consider it unacceptable for this chain to fail to call this holiday “Christmas.”

Of course, Christmas is, itself, a holiday. Semantically, it is never inappropriate to call it a “holiday.” The AFA has therefore assumed control of the English language and has forbidden anyone to refer to Christmas as a “holiday” … even though it is one.

As usual, corporate America is falling in line with the Religious Right and is marching behind their banner of theocracy. It’s been going on for a while now, with many large national (and multi-national) firms donating money in 6- and 7-figure amounts to Religious Right candidates and organizations that promote Christofascism (locally-cached article). Prepare for more and more businesses to become more and more militantly Christianized.

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